HD construction monitoring: Real time and Timelapse

The Devisubox camera pilots a professional DSLR.
Our wireless photo webcams are specialized to construction site monitoring.
Photos are sent everyday and available online via personalised interfaces.
At the end of the project, our professional editors create timelapse film of your construction.

100% Autonomous

Our photo boxes work with a solar panel and communicate in 3G. Lightweight and 100% autonomous, they can be installed on the most inaccessible view points. They are programmed remotely to take photos in multiple automated steps.

Professional photo

With up to 24 million pixels, and interchangable lenses, our Nikon Reflex Cameras (D3000, D3100 and D3200) provide excellent professional quality, vastly superior to everyday video equipement.

Service all included

We integrate all the steps of your construction site monitoring project: Evaluation of the best view point – Installation and maintenance of the boxes – remote on-site tracking and promotional video editing (Timelapse).

Affordable for every budget

From the individual house to the most prestigious projects, we offer different options of quality and service throughout the whole world. Benefit from our experience – more than 1,500 construction site monitoring operations.